Fish Passages

Removing Barriers for Salmon

KSWCD has worked in collaboration with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game, U.S. Coast Guard, Kodiak Island Borough, Road Service Areas, and other land owners on the Kodiak road system to remove barriers for salmon to upstream spawning and rearing habitat.

KSWCD replaces or removes culverts and cleared debris to restore access to salmon spawning and rearing habitat for coho, chum, pink, and sockeye salmon in many waterways on the Kodiak archipelago. We have brought millions of dollars in grant funding to Kodiak for fish passages.

Culverts removed but not replaced where they were no longer needed to allow for fish passage.
Culverts replaced to allow fish passage where existing culverts prevented fish passage.
Sites of debris that blocked fish passage.

Small Streams Matter to Baby Salmon

Learn more about the importance of habitat connectivity for baby salmon and how fish passages can help. Filmed at Lake Orbin in Kodiak.

Road Culvert Gets a Fish-friendly Makeover

Watch a time lapse of our fish passage project at Boy Scout Lake. Special guest appearance by a curious bear!