Community Gardens

Reserve a Garden Bed

KSWCD operates the Kodiak Community Gardens on Larch Street. The Community Gardens has 24 beds available to any person or group in the community for a small fee of $25. The fee for a garden bed covers the use of the garden bed for a year, access to water onsite, and use of the compost heap at the gardens.

If you are interested in using a garden bed, please call or email us to inquire about the availability of garden beds. If all beds are taken, you will be added to the waitlist until a bed opens up.

Thank You to Our Supporters!

Sources of funding and support we have received since project inception:

  • Free land use agreement with City of Kodiak and Kodiak Island Borough (land owners)
  • Volunteer labor and equipment use by members of the public and KSWCD Board members to clear brush, prepare site, and build 24 raised beds
  • Donation of weed barrier cloth received from two private individuals
  • Donation of funds by Walmart ($2,000) and Healthy Tomorrows ($1,000) to purchase wood and supplies to build the 4’x12’ raised beds
  • Donation of dump truck, front-end loader, operators and manual labor by KSWCD Board members to deliver and fill the raised beds with soil
  • Reduced cost of soil from Kodiak Lawn Care
  • Donation of bags of soil amendments, such as peat moss, from Sutliff’s Ace Hardware
  • Donation of time and expertise by volunteer Master Gardener to assist novice gardeners
  • Donation of sawdust from City of Kodiak for garden walkways
  • Volunteer labor from 4-H and local garden participants to spread sawdust on walkways
  • Volunteer labor by Kodiak High School and LDS church group to collect local beach peat
  • Donation of funds from Kodiak Community Foundation ($1,000)
  • Donation of 300 gallon water container by Kodiak Area Transit
  • Donation of volunteer labor to transport and set-up donated water container
  • Donation of time & equipment from City of Kodiak Fire Department to fill water container
  • Donation of funds by American Seafoods Group ($1,500 in 2014 and $1,000 in 2016) to support development of Kodiak Community Gardens
  • Project grant from USDA NRCS for use of two garden beds to study impacts of local beach peat to soil health (four years $19,000)
  • Donation of sign from Kodiak chapter of Alaska Farm Bureau ($1,000)
  • Donation of wood for sign by local artist (other expenses covered by Farm Bureau funds)
  • Volunteer labor from National Ocean Challenge Program to install the sign
  • Donation of funds from Kodiak chapter of Alaska Farm Bureau ($500) for project supplies
  • Donation of funds from Alaskan Leader Fisheries Foundation ($1,000 in March 2017 and $1,000 in June 2018) to support the gardens
  • Donation of funds from Kodiak Garden Club ($5,000) towards the permanent water system
  • Donation of supplies and labor from volunteer gardener to paint numbers on each bed
  • Donation of wood chips and mulch from Carlos Tree Service
  • Donation of volunteer time and labor by “Head Gardeners” to help manage the gardens, organize teaching workshops, lead work parties, and improve the beds and walkways
  • Fees collected from gardeners for use of garden beds ($25/bed/year)
  • Donation of funds from American Seafoods Group ($2,000 in Dec. 2018) towards fence and water
  • Donation of funds from American Seafoods Group ($1500 in 2021)
  • Donation of funds from American Seafoods Group ($1000 in 2022)
  • Donation of funds from the USCG Spouses’ Association of Kodiak ($1,000 in 2019 and $1,000 in 2023)