What We Do

The Kodiak Soil and Water Conservation District (KSWCD) provides technical agricultural assistance including consultations for NRCS programs, community learning opportunities, and other resources. Our goal is to provide the resources necessary to promote, participate in, and support agriculture on the Kodiak Archipelago.

Community Learning Series

The Community Learning Series is a FREE educational series for Kodiak community members that will cover topics related to agriculture and food security. Sessions will feature experienced and knowledgeable panelists on the topic of discussion. Our goal is to promote knowledge sharing between growers and producers of all experience levels and invigorate enthusiasm about these topics. No registration is required for these events.

All sessions are scheduled for 5:30 PM at the Touch Tank Building (301 Research Court). You can attend via Zoom by scanning the QR code here with your phone's camera or QR code app.

March 27: Growing Commercially

Panelists include Andi Olsen, Amanda Johnson (Kodiak Middle School Greenhouse), Craig Sanders (Natural Resources Conservation Service), Ian Zacher (Feirme Béar Donn).

See the Facebook event

April 10: Hoop Houses

April 24: TBD

May 8: Chickens in Kodiak

May 22: Direct Fish to Table Market

June 12: Building Soil & Composting

June 26: Selling through the Kodiak Harvest Co-op

Ian Zacher

Agricultural Outreach & Education Coordinator

The Kodiak Soil and Water Conservation District (KSWCD) hired Ian in early 2024. In this brand-new position, Ian is working on identifying wants and needs of agricultural producers and gardeners on the Archipelago. Ian runs the community gardens and is developing the community learning series.

ian.zacher [at]

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

NRCS "helps people reduce soil erosion, enhance water supplies, improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, and reduce damage caused by floods and other natural disasters." Many NRCS programs and initiatives are available to Kodiak farmers, ranchers, and landowners including financial and technical assistance and other resources. KSWCD offices house a variety of NRCS materials and our staff is available to offer information about NRCS when an NRCS agent is not available. The use of the Kodiak Soil & Water Conservation District office is kindly donated by NRCS.

Cooperative Extension Service

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Cooperative Extension Service interprets relevant university, research-based knowledge in an understandable and usable form and offers that information to the public. The UAF Extension offers hundreds of publications written and produced by university specialists to Alaska residents. Many publications are free and available online. Topics include: 4H publications, agriculture/livestock, community/economic development, cooking, energy, food, gardening, housing, insects/pests, and sewing. KSWCD houses print copies for many publications which are available to the public on request.